Drying And Oil Filling

Firstly kernel and pulley assembling are made after that power distribution units are sent to desiccators. Completed active parts of distribution units are dried in special ovens with vacuum for a while. Later, the transformer active part is added into the transformer tank, and filled with special transformer oil under the vacuum. Then, the transformer becomes ready for test.


HV windings; consist of high heat-resistant enameled coil wire, and high dielectric pressboard with its insulation. Windings are made in such way that eliminates radial forces, if short circuit occurs in transformers.

LV windings; usually made with rectangular copper, aluminum, copper foil or aluminum foil. Windings are made in the form of resistance against axial forces in the case of short circuit in transformers.

Active Part

Core coil and valve assembly are designed to resist short-circuit mechanical forces. In standard transformers, the active parts and the lid are attached with bolts to the tank; there are also some other practices that the active part directly attached to the tank.


Transformer Tank / CAP

The walls of the transformer tanks: according to project criteria, they are manufactured generally from corrugated steel for distribution transformer. The corrugated steel thickness is 1, 25 mm or 1, 50 mm. Generally Cap and transformer tank are manufactured of hot rolled steel pallet. The tank oil drain valve and two cross skids carrying the wheels are located in lower epoxy based two-component paint part and the wheels are 90 rotatable in order to push the transformer at both directions. After completion of welding the first leakage test is performed on the tank.Transformer Cover: Steel bolt...


Tanks cover and others are cleaned for protecting from weather's corrosive effects. Inner and outer parts of the tank, cover and conservator tank are painted with epoxy based two-component paint. Then outer part of tank is also painted with RAL 7033 for the last time.


Hermetically sealed relayIt is preferred to be used in hermetic designs. It indicates gas discharging, oil temperature and internal pressure of the tank and used in transformers bigger than 500 kVA. There are 2 switches each for gas discharging, tank pressure and the oil temperature. Magnetic oil level indicatorThe magnetic oil indicator is designed to measure the level of the transformer oil in the conservator tank and give an analogical indication of the oil level inside the conservator on which are usually mounted; when required, they give an electric alarm signal if the oil reaches the m...


ROUTINE TESTS ▪ Measurement of windings resistance▪ Measurement of no-load losses▪ Measurement of no-load currant▪ Measurement of load losses▪ Measurement of impedance voltage▪ Induced over-voltage test▪ Applied voltage test TYPE TESTING These tests can only be done for a fee when there is a demand from costumer. ▪ Tests for temperature rise of oil and winding▪ Lightning impulse test SPECIFIC TESTS ▪ Measurement of fractional discharge▪ Measurement of harmonics▪ Measurement of level of noise...

Core Desing

Manufactured from 0, 23-0, 27,0,30 mm thick low-loss silica sheet steel. All of the sheet lamination that are cut and stacked by automated systems according with project criteria and then, all are sent to the production belt.