What Is a Power Transformer? What Are Its Features?

9 May 2023

The answer to the question “What is a power transformer?” is that it is a device that alters the magnitude of energy without changing its frequency. These devices, without intervening in the frequency and type of energy, allow the input value of energy to be transferred to the output.

Power transformers, which are created by winding insulated windings on cores made of silicon steel sheets, can be used in various fields.

This system, which allows electrical energy to be transmitted to remote distances without alteration, enables the transmission of electrical energy in alternating current by creating high voltage.

Power transformers that provide a decrease or increase in alternating current without changing the frequency and power are crucial tools for electrical transmission.

Power transformers, especially used in transmitting energy from power plants to city centers, establish communication with production centers through cables.

These power transformers with voltage stages can be changed automatically or manually.

Features of Power Transformers

The features and functions of power transformers are of great interest, especially to those working in the electrical and electronic sector.

Operating without power loss, these transformers have different options and operating systems such as low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage, and very high voltage.

Low-voltage transformers are used in the transmission of energy ranging from 0 to 1 kV, while medium-voltage transformers play a role in the transmission of powers created between 1 to 36 kV.

High-voltage transformers are used in the transmission of energies ranging from 36 to 154 kV, and very high-voltage transformers play a role in the transmission of energies of 154 kV and above.

In places where large and powerful transformers are required, it is recommended to use three different transformers with one phase instead of 3-phase transformers.

How to Use a Power Transformer?

Using a power transformer ensures that power is kept constant during voltage changes. Power transformers are systems that reduce or increase the required voltage without changing the power and frequency of the current.

Operating within the scope of alternating current, power transformers ensure that voltage changes occur safely. Power transformers, which play a very important role in terms of electrical energy, enable electrical energy to reach its target distance quickly and safely.

These tools, which are necessary for operations to be carried out easily, meet all expectations in the scope of energy at a sufficient voltage height. These transformers, used to convert high voltage to medium and low voltage, can also be used in reducing centers.

Power transformers, which have the option of cooling with oil and air, have a significant position in the electrical and electronic sector.

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