Trans-el Transformer operates on 3500m2 closed and 5000m2 open areas in Şanliurfa Organized Industrial Zone in order to promote export oriented production. We have continuously engaged in developing quality thinking and have adapted the company quality assurance system to the international standard ISO 9001, environmental management system ISO 14000 and also been certified by internationally accredited ICMET CRAIOVA / Romanian certified testing laboratory.


All inputs and raw materials used in production of Trans-el are supplied by well known domestic and foreign manufacturers. In this regard, Trans-el Transformers are produced from the best quality materials and also reliable production methods are used to ensure maximum benefit, as well as offering users the advantage of minimal maintenance.


From 25 kVA to 12500 kVA power and from 6, 3 kV to 36 kV voltage features Oil type, hermetic or with an oil expansion tank, external / internal, power and distribution transformers are produced in a way that is economic, highly efficient, safe and suitable for the current standards and specifications.