TRANS-EL Transformer

High Voltage Transformers

We bring energy to every corner of the world with transformers we produce, ranging from 36 kV voltage class to 30 MVA capacity, complying with international standards, and tailored to project requirements.

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TRANS-EL Transformers


All inputs and raw materials used in production of Trans-el are supplied by well known domestic and foreign manufacturers.

In this regard, Trans-el Transformers are produced from the best quality materials and also reliable production methods are used to ensure maximum benefit, as well as offering users the advantage of minimal maintenance.

TRANS-EL Transformers


Trans-El Transformers is your reliable partner in the energy sector. We offer a wide range of products, including network transformers, distribution transformers, custom-designed transformers, and more. Our transformers, used in various fields ranging from industrial facilities to power plants, are recognized for their reliable performance.