Trans El Trafo is a company specialized in the production of state-of-the-art transformers for the electrical industry. As an integral part of our quality control process, we apply a series of tests to verify the performance and reliability of our products. These tests ensure that our products meet high standards and exceed customer expectations.

Our routine tests are conducted at every stage of the transformer production process and confirm that each transformer operates correctly. These tests include measuring winding resistance, turns ratio test, iron losses, and current test, copper losses test, short-circuit voltage measurement, induced voltage test, applied voltage test, and dielectric testing of insulation oil.

Type tests are conducted upon customer request and for a fee. These tests include the temperature rise test of windings and oil and the lightning impulse test. These tests help us understand how transformers perform under specific conditions in more detail.

Our special tests involve more detailed and complex measurements, including partial discharge measurement, measurement of harmonics, and noise level measurement. These special tests allow us to confirm that our transformers can operate smoothly even under more challenging conditions.

At Trans El Trafo, we subject every product we produce to a comprehensive and rigorous testing process to guarantee their excellence. These tests confirm that our transformers surpass industry standards in terms of durability, reliability, and performance. Our customers can trust Trans El Trafo’s products because each one is designed and tested to meet the highest quality standards.


▪ Measurement of windings resistance
▪ Measurement of no-load losses
▪ Measurement of no-load currant
▪ Measurement of load losses
▪ Measurement of impedance voltage
▪ Induced over-voltage test
▪ Applied voltage test


These tests can only be done for a fee when there is a demand from costumer.

▪ Tests for temperature rise of oil and winding
▪ Lightning impulse test


▪ Measurement of fractional discharge
▪ Measurement of harmonics
▪ Measurement of level of noise