High Voltage Transformer

9 May 2023

High voltage transformers are used in high voltage lines. These transformers reduce the primary voltage present in the connected circuits to the expected level. They provide a means for supplying equipment connected to their secondary terminals and also isolate them from high voltage.

High voltage transformers perform the task of lowering the voltage to reasonable levels in high distribution and power transmission systems. They work by transferring energy from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit. These devices allow equipment connected to them to be powered while isolating them from high voltage.

High voltage transformers, by lowering the obtained energy to a safe limit, play a crucial role in providing safe working environments. They perform voltage operations between phases and phase-to-ground using primary windings composed of a large number of fine wires.

Roles of High Voltage Transformers

As the name suggests, high voltage transformers are preferred in places with high voltage. By paying attention to parameters such as insulation voltage, secondary voltage range, primary voltage range and type, capacity, operating temperature, and accuracy, you can choose from among high voltage transformers.

Among high voltage transformers, there are three different types: inductive, capacitive, and optical. Transformers that function inductively perform voltage transformation with high accuracy. These devices have very low apparent power and hold an important place among high voltage transformers. Capacitive voltage transformers, used as voltage dividers, have a common application with two capacitive impedances.

Optical voltage transformers help in rotating polarized light in optical materials and ensure optimal performance of the equipment to be used.

High Voltage Transformer Works

High voltage transformers can be preferred to synchronize the network. High voltage transformers can be preferred to protect generators and their impedance.

These devices, which are highly functional for measuring high voltages, also allow small-scale relay manufacturing. High voltage transformers, which are of great importance for standard secondary value estimation, can function for different primary values. For protection and measurement purposes, these devices allow the distribution of primary voltage, enabling safe working environments in various fields.

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