Medium Voltage Transformer

9 May 2023

A medium voltage transformer is a device that lacks moving parts and allows the transformation of electrical energy in required areas through electromagnetic induction. Medium voltage transformers perform their functions while maintaining a constant power, making them ideal for various applications. In power plants, the electrical energy generated often has very high voltage levels. It is necessary to distribute and reduce this voltage when transmitting it to relevant areas such as towns or city centers. Medium voltage transformers enable this reduction and distribution of high-voltage energy through power transformers. These transformers can have both boosting and lowering capabilities and can be manufactured in two different forms: dry-type and oil-immersed. In oil-immersed transformers, windings are placed inside a tank for insulation and cooling. In dry-type transformer models, cooling is accomplished without oil.

Features of Medium Voltage Transformers

Medium voltage transformers have specific features. They are preferred in environments with challenging conditions such as pollution, humidity, and harsh surroundings. These transformers meet expectations with advantages in terms of workmanship and installation. In these transformers, the phase difference between the primary and secondary is approximately 0 degrees, allowing various instruments such as measuring devices and relays to operate at low voltage. Medium voltage transformers that can work both in phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase configurations share common features. They assist in reducing high voltage within a certain ratio, making them suitable for expanding the measurement ranges of alternating current measuring devices. Short-circuits do not occur in medium voltage transformers with secondary voltage adhering to a specific standard since secondary outputs in these transformers function like open circuits.

Use of Medium Voltage Transformers

The use of medium voltage transformers requires professionalism and expertise. Proper knowledge of the components is necessary for the correct use of these devices. These transformers can complete their functions through primaries with many turns and thin windings and secondaries with fewer turns and thick windings. Transformers are also protected through grounding. When connected in parallel with the grid, these devices can be used in conjunction with measuring instruments. Medium voltage transformers can be categorized into different classes based on measurement accuracy, and they hold significant importance in the electrical and electronic sector.

Nano Medya