Power Transformer

9 May 2023

A power transformer is a device that changes the magnitude of energy. These devices change the magnitude of energy without altering the frequency and type of energy, allowing the input value of energy to be provided to the output. Made from silicon steel sheets and wound with insulated windings, these devices can be used in various fields. Power transformers are crucial for transmitting electrical energy over long distances, as they enable the transmission of electrical energy in alternating current with high voltage. Transformers that lower or raise voltage without changing the frequency and power of energy are essential for electrical transmission.

Features of Power Transformers

The features of power transformers are of great interest to those involved in the electrical and electronics sector. Transformers that operate without losing power have different options, including low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage, and very high voltage. Low-voltage transformers are used for transmitting energy ranging from 0 to 1 kV. Medium-voltage transformers handle power generated between 1 and 34 kV. High-voltage transformers are effective for energy production between 34.5 and 154 kV. Very high voltage transformers are used for energy transmission at 154 kV and above. In places where there is a need for large and powerful transformers, three different transformers with a single phase are preferred over three-phase transformers.

Use of Power Transformers

The use of power transformers allows for voltage changes while maintaining power stability. Power transformers perform operations that increase or decrease the required voltage without changing the power and frequency of the current. Operating within the scope of alternating current, power transformers provide reliable voltage variation. Power transformers, which are crucial for matters related to electrical energy, enable the rapid and reliable transmission of electrical energy to the desired distance. These devices, which are essential for the smooth execution of operations, meet your expectations in terms of the required voltage level in the context of energy. Transformers used to convert high voltage into medium and low voltage can be used in substations. Power transformers, which can be cooled by oil or air, hold significant importance in the electrical and electronic sector.

Nano Medya