What Are the Technical Specifications of a Power Transformer?

24 April 2023

A power transformer is an electrical machine consisting of thin silicon steel sheets that change the magnitude of transmitted electrical energy. It allows for the alteration of voltage levels without changing the frequency of the applied voltage.

For electrical energy to be easily transmitted over long distances, the voltage needs to be sufficiently high. Electric energy generated as direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) can be stepped up or down thanks to alternating current, and power transformers are responsible for this energy transfer.

Technical Specifications of a Power Transformer

Power transformers, which step up the electrical energy produced at power plants, are transported to specific regions of a city through distribution transformers via conductor cables. The technical specifications of power transformers are as follows:

  • They can be used in internal or external environments and are made of copper.
  • They have a phase range of 1 to 3.
  • The voltage ranges from 20 to 36 kV.
  • They can be cable-boxed, side-mounted, or porcelain-insulated.
  • They have ONAN (Oil Natural, Air Natural) or ONAF (Oil Natural, Air Forced) cooling methods.
  • They cover the entire power range from 2.5 MVA to 25 MVA for standard and intermediate powers.
  • They are equipped with an expansion tank structure.
  • Depending on the purpose and location of use, they can be equipped with various protection equipment.

How to Choose a Power Transformer?

Power transformers are selected based on the voltage class to be used. Different power transformers are available depending on the purpose and area of use.

Types of power transformers include:

  • High-voltage transformers
  • Medium-voltage transformers
  • Low-voltage transformers

Low-voltage transformers range from 0-1 kV, medium-voltage transformers from 1-34 kV, and high-voltage transformers can go up to 34.5-154 kV. Transformers for very high voltages of 154 kV and above are also manufactured.

Where Are Power Transformers Used?

Power transformers, which are typically used in places where voltage transformation is required, are commonly found:

  • In areas where the strength or frequency of current needs to be altered.
  • In city power grids.
  • In power plants.

In short, power transformers can be used in any application where alternating current (AC) is used.

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